Banff THI - No 36 Bridge Street

A“Gap Site” into which it is proposed to build 3 new flats

36 Bridge Street, built in the 1700s, was a 3-storey terraced townhouse (category C Listed) whose ground floor was converted to shop space in the 19th Century. It was one of the original houses constructed in the street. In 1997, the condition of the property was causing concern. The shop on the ground floor was boarded up and the flats above lying empty. The situation quickly deteriorated when the building began to collapse and, in 1999, emergency demolition was undertaken.

Bridge Street was once a busy shopping street, leading up from the market. The main route through Banff was then upgraded to take traffic away from what were once the grounds of Duff House. Shops and business premises relocated to the High Street, and the cinema closed. This once busy street is now home several derelict shops and few pedestrians. The gap site at No. 36 further adds to this feeling of neglect.

As part of the improvements to the Conservation Area, a replacement building was seen as a priority. The plan for the redevelopment of the site is to create three new flats, which a local building contractor has Planning Consent to build. Two of these units are for the affordable housing market tied in with a Section 75 Planning Agreement.

The new building will be faced with a traditional lime harl with sandstone surrounds to window and door openings and a traditional slate roof. Funding from HLF is aimed at ensuring the redevelopment goes ahead, by covering the cost of the use of traditional materials to improve the quality of the built heritage within the Conservation Area.

Project Update May 2012

This project is now complete.


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THI Project

Property in 1986 36 Bridge Street during demolition Bridge Street Completed
Property in the pastProperty in the past

Property in 1986

The images show the property in 1986, when it was still occupied and in relatively good condition. There is a view of the front elevation taken in the 1990s. The shop is vacant by this time, and damage can be seen to the shop front, rainwater goods and roof. On the bottom left in 1999, the roof collapsed into the building, as can be seen from the view of the rear of the property.

36 Bridge Street during demolition

36 Bridge Street during demolition

Following the roof collapse, the building was deemed to be structurally unsound and was demolished.

Bridge Street Completed

Bridge Street Completed

Completed exterior of the Bridge Street project.



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