Banff THI - Trend DIY, 6-10 Castle Street

A category B listed building which had its slate roof reinstated and original timber windows repaired

This group of large, well-proportioned, category B Listed former townhouses, dating from the 18th Century, has been used in recent times as a shop and storage space, and occupies a prominent location on the main thoroughfare of Banff.

On the whole, the buildings are in good condition, with the exception of the roof and the windows. An asbestos roof replaced the original slate covering over 70 years ago, which, like the windows, has been deteriorating for some time.

The proposed work was to replace the asbestos sheeting with new Welsh slate; to reinstate the cast iron gutters and downpipes; and to repair and reinstate the timber sliding sash & case windows.

By reinstating the original slate roof and repairing the windows, the building will be protected for future use, and prevent the negative impression caused by derelict buildings or at worst a ‘gap’ site as has happened elsewhere in the town.

Two local contractors were employed to carry out the necessary work. Work began onsite in January 2011, firstly with the removal of the asbestos roof, followed soon after by the reinstatement of the slate roof.

The chimneys have been re-pointed, and the work to the rainwater goods completed. The work to the windows was completed in 2012.

Original Roof finish

Asbestos roof finish


Roof restoration

Roof restoration


Work in Progress

Bridge Street Completed

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