Banff Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) and Banff Renaissance Project

Banff Townscape Heritage Initiative LogoThe Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) is the Heritage Lottery Fund's grant giving programme for the repair and regeneration of the historic environment in towns and cities throughout the UK. In May 2003, the Banff was forwarded as a candidate for inclusion in the Townscape Heritage Initiative programme. 

A project was delivered which assisted the rehabilitation and preservation of the historic core of the Banff Outstanding Conservation Area. This was to be achieved by the following means:

  • The restoration of key historic properties which are in poor structural condition
  • The infilling of two gap sites situated in prominent locations which were formerly occupied by Listed Buildings.
  • Providing a facelift scheme for shop fronts
  • Developing a ‘town scheme’ grant fund to assist private property owners with the repair and maintenance of their properties
  • Implementing a programme of upgrade of pedestrian areas in a manner sympathetic to the Town’s historic fabric.

The Heritage Lottery Fund, Aberdeenshire Council, Communities Scotland, Banff & MacDuff ESSG, Banff Preservation Society, Scottish Enterprise Grampian, ATP Banff & MacDuff and Historic Scotland jointly contributed £6.25 million to fund the project.

The Banff THI completed at 31st December 2012. A significant legacy of restored and refurbished built heritage was achieved by this scheme. It has helped to conserve the historic environment of Banff and secure it for future generations. Major dereliction within the Banff Conservation Area has been tackled and its overall quality has been significantly enhanced. The investment delivered through the Banff THI has encouraged private owners to make their own separate contributions and there is now enthusiasm within the community for new initiatives to bring local prosperity by investing in our unique historic environment.


Brief History of Banff

Established in the 12th Century AD Banff has continued to grow, becoming the town it is today.

Small Grants Scheme

Grants were provided to assist property owners to conserve, repair or maintain their buildings to a heritage standard.

Examples of Grant Funded Work

Examples of the different types of work that were carried out under the Small Grants Scheme.

Examples of Projects in Banff

Priority Building Projects undertaken in Banff, including before and after photographs.

Historic Building Intervention Programme

Advice for the Sustainable Maintenance of Traditional Buildings.


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