Small Grants Scheme

Small Grants Scheme

As part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative, a Small Grants Scheme was created with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

The Small Grants Scheme ran between 2008 and 2011. All available funds were committed. We received over 150 enquiries. In total, 67 offers of grant have been made, of which 6 offers have been withdrawn or declined. There are no plans at present to resume the Small Grant Scheme in the future.

The purpose of the grant was to assist property owners within the designated Banff Town Heritage Initiative Area to conserve, repair or maintain their buildings to a heritage standard, appropriate to the status of the outstanding conservation area.

The types of work which were grant eligible included repair work to roofs, repair or replacement of traditional windows, repairs to lime harling, and repairs or reinstatement of architectural features.

Further information specific to Banff can be found in the following leaflet produced by the Banff Preservation and Heritage Society.

Banff Townscape Heritage Initiative Area

Banff is unique in character, not only in Aberdeenshire but in the wider context of Scotland and Europe.  The town has a combination of outstanding features that mark the development of the town and establish its uniqueness on a greater scale.

The designated Banff Town Heritage Initiative Area is in itself unique as it contains excellent examples of buildings and streetscape that are of outstanding historic value.  Each significant stage in historical, cultural and commercial development of Banff is identifiable and contained within the boundary or on the peripheral edge of the area selected for the THI. Use the link below to display a map showing the extent of the designated Banff Town Heritage Initiative Area:





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