Bills and Meters

It is important to check your energy bill when it arrives to make sure that the meter reading given is accurate, particularly if it is an estimate reading. Utility suppliers are obliged to read your meter at least once a year so ensure that this is the case to receive accurate bills. Most utility suppliers now have a designated 'Meter Line' telephone number, where you can call in your own meter readings and have an accurate bill issued.

It is important to keep on top of meter readings as estimated bills can lead to fuel debt if they are underestimated, of course over estimated bills will also lead to overpayments. Advice on taking meter readings can be found below:

In the current climate of ever increasing utility prices, it is worth remembering that it should really be the consumption that indicates whether or not any energy saving measures you have implemented are having an effect. Cost, especially at the present time, is rarely a reliable indicator of decreased energy usage.

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