Delivering Excellence at Aboyne Academy

In 2008, Aberdeenshire Council received the Scottish Government Delivering Excellence Award for the sustainable energy biomass boiler project at Aboyne Academy. 

The boiler has been extremely successful since it was commissioned in February 2007. It not only contributes to carbon neutrality; but also has helped to establish a market for low value small round wood (thinnings); reduces the environmental impact of two schools, a swimming pool, community centre and a library; reduces dependence on fossil fuels, demonstrates the viability and reliability of wood fuel and biomass boilers respectively and provides an educational resource to benefit communities and businesses.

The achievements of the boiler are numerous, these include:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of 15600 tonnes over 25 years (620 tonnes per year)
  • Financial saving in excess of £20000 per year in boiler operating costs
  • An establishment of local demand for 1200 tonnes wood chip and a corresponding reduction in demand for fossil fuels.



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