Energy Efficiency & The Greenhouse Effect

Energy Efficiency, it matters because ……

Energy Planet1. Fossil fuels – gas, oil and coal – are used in power stations to make the electricity, which we need for power, lighting and heat. Burning fossil fuels emits gases such as carbon dioxide, which have an effect on our climate.

2. As carbon dioxide and other gases build up in the atmosphere, more of the sun’s heat is trapped. This is known as the greenhouse effect.

3. The Greenhouse effect results in the earth becoming hotter (global warming). It may also increase the risk of storms, coastal flooding and drought. This will affect how and where we live. It will also affect the habitats and wildlife around us, which may not adapt.

4. Using energy more efficiently is one of the most cost effective means of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and also helps to conserve finite reserves of fossil fuels; so reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere.

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