Energy Policy


Aberdeenshire Council is committed to protecting and improving Aberdeenshire’s special environment and the efficient use of energy and water.


The policy of Aberdeenshire Council is to control energy and water consumption in order to:

  • Protect and improve the environment
  • Improve working conditions and productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption and avoid unnecessary expenditure


Our long-term objectives are to:

  • Use energy as efficiently as practical
  • Reduce the amount of pollution, particularly CO2 emissions, from the energy we use
  • Continue to purchase energy at the most economic cost
  • Increase the use of renewable energy

Immediate aims

In the short term, our immediate aims are to:

  • Maintain an effective energy and water monitoring and targeting system
  • Identify and implement cost effective energy and water conservation measures
  • Maintain and operate buildings, plant and equipment as efficiently as practical
  • Create and maintain a high profile for energy and water management


End users, nearest the point of use, will be responsible for controlling energy and water consumption.
Budget holders will be responsible for energy and water expenditure.
The Energy Management Team within Transportation and Infrastructure will be responsible for co-ordinating energy and water management activities.
The Sustainability Working Group will be responsible for implementing and reviewing the Energy Policy.


The Energy Management Team will report to the Head of T&I, and will issue an annual report on energy and water consumption, costs, activities and issues.


The number of staff employed in energy management and the level of investment in energy and water measures will correspond with the demands of these activities.


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