School Energy Savings

Aberdeenshire Council’s 172 schools account for almost half of the annual consumption for all public buildings in Aberdeenshire. It follows that considerable efforts are made to reduce energy consumption in the schools to decrease carbon emissions and costs. The Energy Management Team employs numerous methods to reduce consumption:

  • Implementing projects through CEEF
  • Energy Awareness Campaigns including school talks on energy consumption and the associated environmental effects.
  • Installing renewable energy to provide space heating.

Some examples of recent energy and carbon saving projects are detailed below:

  • A rolling programme of Draught Proofing works to windows and doors. To date 31 properties have had the Draught Proofing measure installed. Annually, these installations combined save 427 tonnes CO2; 2.5 million kWhs of energy, equalling £76,000.
  • Carronhill School, Westfield School, Aboyne Academy and Peterhead Academy have recently had new swimming pool covers installed, combined these installations save 130 tonnes CO2; 700,000 kWhs of energy, equalling £21,000
  • A wood-chip boiler has been installed at Aboyne Academy to provide heating and hot water to the entire campus. The biomass boiler continues to save 600 tonnes CO2 annually and decreases the cost paid for heating fuel by 25%. This installation was awarded the ‘Delivering Excellence’ award at the COSLA sustainability awards ceremony in 2008. The success of this scheme has prompted further developments with a new Biomass Boiler installation currently being commissioned at Banff Academy and Swimming Pool; with feasibility studies going ahead for a number of other biomass projects.

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