Dog control and animal welfare - Coronavirus

View our advice on dog control and animal welfare during the coronavirus outbreak:

Supervising your dog

We ask dog owners to be responsible. Popular dog walking areas and pavements within towns and villages are being used by more dog walkers than normal due to travel restrictions. This means that you are likely to meet strange dogs and people on your daily walk.

Please put your dog on a lead when you meet other people and when you are unable to see ahead such as at blind corners. You will not be able to retrieve your dog without breaching the 6ft rule if it chooses to say hello. If you do not have an effective recall, keep your dog on a lead or line.

Please don't walk more dogs than you can control effectively on lead.

If people are able to walk past or through your property, no matter how infrequently that might happen, you must always supervise your dog outdoors unless your garden is secure and escape proof.

It is lambing season, keep your dog on lead whenever you are near livestock.

View more detailed advice for owners of pets, companion animals and livestock on the Scottish Government website.

Dog fouling

There have been reports of increased levels of dog fouling at popular dog walking spots. The requirement for all dog owners to pick up after their dogs at all times and dispose of the faecal matter in a suitable bin remains unchanged. If there is no bin, take it home and dispose of it in your domestic bin. Please don't throw used bags on the ground – as well as breaking the law that endangers livestock and horses who accidentally ingest them.

You can report dog fouling to us.