Food advice for voluntary groups - Coronavirus

For voluntary groups or community groups providing meals or food deliveries, know how to keep your community safe:

Food advice for voluntary groups and consumers

Food Standards Scotland has published specific coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and FAQ on their consumer advice page.

Food allergies

If you are cooking for someone with food allergies, even a tiny trace can cause an allergic reaction, and your volunteers must manage the risks. Following these requirements when cooking for people with allergies will help to keep your community safe. It is a good idea to keep accurate records of ingredient information to hand to provide to anyone who may have specific requirements. Or, why not make specific allergen free meals to order for people with dietary requirements.

Food labelling

It is a good idea to provide clear information so the person receiving the meal can use it safely.

Describe the contents accurately for example 'Creamy Chicken Korma with Yogurt', 'Beef, Carrot and Onion Casserole in Gravy', 'Butternut Squash and Lentil Thai Curry'. Highlight allergen information on the container.

State how to use the product safely. Provide the following:

  • 'Use by' date –without a validated food safety management system, your voluntary group should restrict product life to a reasonable period of 24 hours from production
  • Storage instruction – 'Store in fridge below 5 degrees C'
  • Cooking instruction – 'Reheat until piping hot and steaming throughout'
  • Safety condition - 'Do not reheat more than once'

Your group co-ordinator should speak to an Environmental Health Officer for tailored advice on the safety and labelling requirements for freezing and extended shelf life foods. Please contact us