General business guidance - coronavirus

On this page you can find baseline measures which businesses should implement, and information about supporting working from home. 

Baseline measures

The requirement for baseline measures remains unchanged. This includes:

  • enhanced cleaning of common touch points
  • provision of sanitiser and hand wash facilities
  • use of face coverings
  • good ventilation

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, there is a requirement for a risk assessment to be undertaken to identify risks associated with COVID-19 transmission. You should update your risk assessment to take in to account the changes to the guidance as stipulated below.

View further guidance on risk assessment.

Enhanced cleaning of common touch surfaces

Enhanced cleaning of common touch surfaces should remain in place. An appropriate cleaning agent which is compliant with BS14476 should be used as directed. It is important to continue cleaning surfaces regularly, for example, restaurants should ensure tables are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in between customers and desks in an office cleaned before and after use by staff.

Good ventilation

Good ventilation is important in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, especially for spaces which might otherwise be confined or particularly busy. You should consider the following:

  • open windows or doors to let fresh air in
  • travel in cars, trains, and buses with windows open
  • if possible, meet outdoors instead of indoors

Working from home

It is a requirement for businesses to ensure that staff who can work from home continue to do so. Businesses should continue to support staff who have been working from home throughout the pandemic to ensure that they have a suitable workstation arrangement and communicate effectively to reduce isolation.

Further information and resources are available on the Scottish Government website on becoming safer workplaces including how to support staff working from home