Takeaways - Coronavirus

 As of 26th April 2021 takeaway premises are permitted to allow access to customers indoors, subject to enhanced COVID-19 controls:

  • Businesses should identify a maximum capacity of the premises to facilitate physical distancing within the premises
  • A managed queuing system must also be in place with suitable physical distancing controls in place
  • Face coverings worn by staff and customers (unless exempt)

Other COVID-19 mitigations must be in place and should include:

  • Adequate ventilation within the premises
  • Good respiratory and personal hygiene
  • Enhanced cleaning of common touch points, such as: card machines, door handles and equipment
  • Undertake a risk assessment to identify risks of COVID-19 transmission and suitable control measures to be implemented within the business

You should consider using suitable signage to advise customers of the physical distancing requirements, as well as the need to wear face coverings whilst inside the premises.

To reduce the footfall within your premises, customers should be encouraged to pre-order and pre-pay for food items, as well as utilise collection time slots to reduce queueing both inside and outside the premise.

Although not mandatory outdoors, customers should also demonstrate good practice and consideration for others by wearing a face covering when queuing and collecting takeaway orders and you may wish to reflect this in signage.


The following PDF documents are available for food businesses to download and use within their business advising customers of the current restrictions:

Further information

Further information is available:

Alternatively, you can contact psmg@aberdeenshire.gov.uk for more information.