Bird scarers

Bird scarers and bird deterrents are essential to protect certain crops. However, if used thoughtlessly they can seriously annoy and disturb neighbours.

Contact us if you have a complaint about an auditory bird scarer. You will require details of the exact position and name of the person who is responsible for the land on which the scarer is located.

You can use the Noise app for this. The app that enables anyone within Aberdeenshire to record evidence of noise nuisance onto their smartphones via the app and submit it to the council.

In dealing with complaints relating to bird scarers, the Environmental Health Section follow the informal advice contained within the National Farmers Union (NFU) Bird Scarer Code of Practice.

If a farmer is complying with the Code of Practice it is unlikely that a statutory nuisance exists. However if the landowner fails to adhere to the advice then enforcement powers may be used if it is determined that a statutory nuisance exists.