Flood products

Flood protection products

The prime responsibility for the protection of properties against damage by flooding rests with the owner of the property. Though it will not always be possible to prevent flooding, there are products on the market which can be purchased to help reduce the risk of damage. Aberdeenshire Council retains a stock of a small selection of these products and is willing to sell them to the public at cost price. The prices reflect the discounts available to the Council through bulk purchasing and are likely to be less than can be obtained by purchasing direct from suppliers.

The products available are flood gates, vent guards and floodsaxs. Flood gates are used for protecting against water ingress through doorways and come in different sizes to suit the door opening. Vent guards are used to cover air vents and come in two sizes. Floodsaxs are a lightweight, easily stored, biodegradable alternative to sandbags, which come flat and contain an absorbent polymer gel which expands on contact with water.

The products available from Aberdeenshire Council are:

View floodgates product description (PDF 1.18MB)
"Standard" size- to fit door opening from 770mm to 890mm in width
"Regular" size - to fit door opening from 890mm to 975mm in width
Larger sizes to fit openings up to 1405mm wide may be available by special order.

Vent Guards
View vent guards product description (PDF 1.16MB)
Single sized air vent cover 310mm x 210mm
Double sized air vent cover 320mm x 330mm

View FloodSaxs product description (PDF 65.5KB)
Standard Doorpac to lay across door opening
Boxes of 20 individual Saxs or more can be arranged by special order.

If you wish to obtain further details about any of these products, including current prices, or place an order, please contact the Council’s Flood Protection Unit at and we will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible.

Many other products are commercially available and in some cases may better suit your specific needs. It is recommended that you shop around and compare products and prices before making a purchase.

Advice about how to best protect your property is available through the SEPA website and they also provide a list of flood prevention product providers.  The Scottish Flood Forum also provides useful advice about how to prepare for a flood; see Scottish flood forum website for details.