Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme

Why is the Scheme Needed?

Major flooding events over the last century have significantly impacted local residences and businesses within lower reach of the River Carron, Stonehaven. Major flooding events have occurred in Stonehaven over many years, most recently 1988, 1995, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2012 which have caused the evacuation of nearby residents.

The website has been created by the Scheme's Project Team to provide you with information on the scheme, to inform you of progress, and allow you the opportunity to contact us in relation to this scheme. It is our intention to upload all critical project updates so that you may keep track of the Scheme's progress.

Latest News

  • Public Hearing to be held 28 March 2017.  The Hearing will be held in St. James's Church Hall from 9.30am - 5.00pm. The duration of the hearing may require additional days and may be extended up to the 30th.
  • Flood Order Consultation under FRM Scotland Act 2009- 03/07/2015.  To aid understanding of this process a Public Leaflet has been created ;

Scheme Programme 2015-2018

  • Construction January 2017 (predicted 03/07/2015, if no objections);

Public Hearing

2017 hearing documentation:

Flood Order Notification (pdf 72KB)
Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 Application (pdf 907KB)
Appendix A: Stonehaven December 2012 Flood Event Review (pdf 7.79MB)
Appendix B: Option Development and Economic Appraisal (pdf 5.20MB)
Appendix C: Description of Operations (pdf 543KB)

Appendix D: Description of Operations Drawings:

Appendix E: Environmental Summary Report (pdf 729KB)
Appendix F: Hydrology and Hydraulic Report (pdf 10.2MB)

Appendix G: River Carron Rock Armour Study:

Appendix H: Hydrology and Hydraulic Modelling Addendum A (pdf 2.03MB)
Appendix I: Report to Infrastructure Services Committee (pdf 11.4MB)
Appendix J: Infrastructure Services Committee Minutes (pdf 1.78MB)
Appendix K: Application Update 20 April 2016 (pdf 162KB)
Appendix L: Scottish Minister Decision Notification (pdf 37KB)
Appendix M: Public Notice – Mearns Leader (pdf 127KB)
Appendix N: Stonehaven Seawall, Feasibility Study of Improvements (pdf 4.34MB)
Appendix O: Scottish Planning Policy (pdf 524KB)

Appendix P: Proposed Modification Drawings:

Appendix Q: Interventions to 19 Bridgefield:

Appendix R: Environmental Assessment Summary (pdf 2.75MB)

Appendix S: Hearing Statements:

Flood Risk Management Act Application

Notification of Public Consultation (pdf 14KB)

A Public Consultation Event was held from 21 May 2015 to 27 May 2015 at Stonehaven Bowling Recreation Ground's. (Further presentation information is shown below - Engaging the community)

  • Aberdeenshire Council are currently undertaking an 'Accomodation Works' Process with property owners affected by the scheme. This involves agreeing access to properties during construction and agreeing finished landscaping works to be instated when the scheme has been completed.
  • The 'Carron River Mouth Rock Armour Study' Report has been published (see report below)
  • Mott MacDonald have been commissioned to take the scheme forward to Detailed Design stage.

2015 Stonehaven FPS Flood Risk Management Act Application (PDF 1.2MB)



Further information on council committee decisions can be found through a simple search on either the Kincardine and Mearns local area committee and the Infrastructure Services Committee browser.

Engaging the Community

Aberdeenshire Council have consulted the Stonehaven Community and Stakeholders through community meetings on the progression of the scheme and through holding various consultation events to hear concerns. The council have also provided regular updates on scheme progression to the local media.

2015 Detailed Preferred Scheme Consultation

Detailed Preferred Scheme Drawings

2013 Preferred Scheme Consultation

2010 Flood Response Consultation

2009 Emergency Response Debriefing

This meeting was arranged to establish actions taken during the 2009 flooding event and to establish local conditions which contributed to the flooding.

Feedback from these events has been considered and where possible amendments to design have been explored with our design consultants.

Scheme Funding Confirmation

On 11/09/2014 the Business Services Committee agreed to funding to be guaranteed by Aberdeenshire Council for the value of between 14 - 16 million. An application to Scottish Government for funding through the flooding component of the General Capital grant will be made in due course, as and when the new cycle period in 2015 becomes live.

Scheme Publication

Flood Order

Aberdeenshire Council plan to promote the Scheme as a formal protection scheme under the Flood Risk Management Act (2009) and it is being designed in accordance with this Act, the 'Flood Risk Management (Flood Protection Schemes, Potentially Vulnerable Areas and Local Plan Districts) (Scotland) Regulations 2010' , and the appropriate guidelines.

Scheme Documentation

Investigative Reports Undertaken to date

Other Works

A series of research and construction works outwith the main Scheme have been implemented in Stonehaven. These include:

Stonehaven Minor Works Projects

Embankment re-profiling at the White Bridge and the construction of Debris screens at Walker Bridge and at Dunottar Woods.

Stonehaven Old Town Relief Culvert

An options appraisal report (pdf 15.8MB) has been undertaken. The construction of a relief culvert between the High Street and Arbuthnott Place in Stonehaven's Old Town started on 1 October 2014 with major works completed on 23 December, 2014 with landscaping works completed in February 2015.

Mill Lade Study

Historically at the Green Bridge, a weir and a mill pond along with two mill lades were operational in Stonehaven. A Mill lade investigation report has been commissioned to identify the potential of re-establishment.

Carron River Mouth Study

A study has been undertaken by JBA into the the tidal and water course interaction at the mouth of the Carron Water. The Carron River Mouth into Stonehaven Bay has been modelled to identify the effect of the channelisation caused by the Rock Armour constructed outlet. The current channel is a slightly modified variation to the recommended orientation identified in the HR Wallingford Report.

River mouth study Appendices

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