Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme - progress and timeline

On this page you can find out how the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme is progressing. You can also view detailed construction works schedule, high level timeline as well as scheme reports and public consultation documents.

Updates on works

View Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme newsletter for community updates.

Watch drone footage showing how the works are progressing.


View the high level timeline:

  • September 2014 - council committee agrees funding/application to Scottish Government for funding
  • May 2015 - public consultation event
  • June 2015 - Flood Risk Management Act (2009) application
  • March 2017 - public hearing
  • June 2017 - committee confirms the proposed Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme with modifications
  • September 2017 – scheme becomes operational
  • November 2018 - contractor appointed following tender process
  • February 2019 - ecological works such as tree surgery
  • March 2019 - construction works start
  • Summer 2021 - Completion of construction works in Zones 4A, 1C, 1D, 1E, 2G
  • 2023 - Completion of construction works in Zone 1B

Archived and historic information