Environmental Information

The Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 came into force on 1 January 2005. Every Scottish public authority now has a duty to make environmental information available on request.

Environmental information, according to the Regulations, includes information in visual, written, taped or database form on:

  • the state of the ‘elements of the environment’ (such as soil or air) and the interactions that take place between them
  • any factor likely to affect the state of the elements, environment and interactions between the elements
  • activities and measures affecting, or potentially likely to affect the environment or interactions between elements of the environment
  • reports on environmental legislation
  • environmental decision-making processes, including cost-benefit analysis or economic analysis
  • the condition of human life, the state of human health and safety, cultural sites and buildings, where they relate to the elements of the environment and the interaction between them

You can find out more about the regulations by visiting the environmental information section of the Scottish Information Commissioner's website.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme contains many of the most widely used sources of information.

To make a request for information under the scheme please contact us on