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3 Dee Vision (NOLIMP) Project

3 Dee Vision Project

Partnership Working to Improve the Environment of the River Dee

The summer of 2002 saw a frantic gathering of the key agencies likely to be involved in the delivery of one of the key European Directives, the Water Framework Directive.

The catalyst for this hive of activity was the opportunity to attract some European funding through the North Sea Region Interreg IIIb Funding.

An application was submitted in September 2002, with Aberdeenshire being the Scottish Partner of a 6 Country bid with the Netherlands (Lead Partners), Germany, Norway Sweden and Denmark. The NOLIMP-WFD Project* was finally approved in February 2003 and started in April 2003.

* NOLIMP-WFD stands for NOrth Sea Regional and Local IMPlementation of the Water Framework Directive. As this is such a mouth-full it's locally known as the 3 Dee Vision Project

The Scottish Partnership

The local partnership is made up of Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Water, the Macaulay Institute and the University of Aberdeen.

What is 3 Dee Vision hoping to achieve?

The 3 Dee Vision Project is working in 3 sub catchment areas of the River Dee (Tarland Burn, Loch Davan and the Elrick Burn). View the Catchment area (40 kb image)

The project work within these three sub-catchments will be used to assess the detailed nature of the problems faced within the Dee Catchment and determine the measures and mechanisms necessary to reverse the processes that may result in the decline of the ecology and water quality.

Buffer strip in the Tarland catchmentThe lessons learned will then be use by the Agencies to guide them in their approach to the delivery of the European Water Framework Directive.

Where can you find out more about the 3 Dee Vision Project?

community meeting in TarlandThe 3 Dee Vision project and the Dee Catchment Management Plan (DCMP) are inter related. You can find out more about both of these initiatives by visiting the 3 Dee Vision website and get involved in the 3 Dee Vision Project