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Dee Catchment Management Plan

Catchment Management Planning for the River Dee

Queens ViewThe Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) produced a consultation document of the Catchment Management Plan issues for the River Dee in 1999. There was then a lull in progression until early 2003 when a Dee Catchment Management Plan (DCMP) Steering Group was established.

River DeeThe Steering Group was formed as a result of the need to progress Dee Catchment Management Plan process in light of the European Water Framework Directive and was further stimulated by the designation of the River Dee as a candidate Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Objectives of the Dee Catchment Management Plan?

To return the Dee catchment to good order and maintain it with sufficient good water quality, habitat and amenity to allow its inhabitants to thrive

Linn of DeeThe DCMP will help to guide the statutory and other involved bodies in the implementation of the actions required to meet the aim by encouraging co-ordinated activity and aiding the prioritising of action.

In accordance with the above aim the following statutory obligations have to be met:

  • the requirements of the Habitats Directive by avoiding deterioration of the habitats of the qualifying species (Atlantic salmon, freshwater pearl mussel and otter) or significant disturbance of the qualifying species, thus ensuring that the integrity of the site is maintained and makes an appropriate contribution to achieving favourable conservation status for the qualifying species
  • the requirements of the Water Framework Directive by preventing deterioration and enhancing the status of aquatic ecosystems, promoting sustainable water use and mitigating the effects of floods and droughts
  • the requirements of the Nitrates Directive by reducing pollution from agricultural sources and preventing further pollution

Who’s involved in the DCMP?

The Steering Group is Chaired by Major General John Barr and has representation from the following organisations:

How can you get involved with the Dee Catchment Management Plan?

The DCMP has a Project Officer who is based at the Macaulay Institute in Aberdeen. The Project Officer is preparing a set of actions plans that will help deliver the objectives of the DCMP. Public Consultation on the proposed action plans is planned for Summer/Autumn 2006 when the communities and stakeholders within the Dee Catchment area will have their opportunity to have an input to the proposed catchment management plan.

For more information on the Dee Catchment Management Plan visit the 3 Dee Vision website