The rich diversity of forestry in Aberdeenshire is very important not only in economic terms but environmentally, socially and culturally. Forestry is an important part of the rural economy, providing employment directly in timber and other wood product related businesses as well as indirectly by supporting tourism for example. Forests and woodland provide places for recreation as well as supporting a range of habitats and species. They are a key part of our land and townscapes.

Forestry and Woodland Strategy 2017

It is important that Aberdeenshire’s forestry and woodland resource is sustainably protected, managed and enhanced. We have developed a Forestry and Woodland Strategy (PDF 3.67MB) to guide forest and woodland creation and management across Aberdeenshire. The Strategy is Supplementary Guidance to the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2017

Forestry planning

Scottish Forestry administer the planning and management of forestry. We are a statutory consultee for forestry grants, felling licence applications and forest plans. As a consultee we aim to ensure proposals are beneficial to the biodiversity of the area and enhance public access.