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Neighbour issues - Coronavirus

View our advice on neighbourhood issues during the coronavirus outbreak:

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Smoke from bonfires

Following the closure of our recycling centres as part of our COVID-19 response, we have  seen an increase in the number of complaints regarding neighbours burning garden waste.

We would ask residents to refrain from burning their garden waste and either store it safely until our recycling centres can re-open or even better consider composting it to be used in the garden at a later stage.

Garden bonfires, although not prohibited, are detrimental to local air quality, may impact on your health and that of your neighbours, along with adversely affecting neighbours with smoke and odour.

Complaints will be investigated and where necessary, action may be taken to prevent bonfires which could be considered 'nuisance' under the terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Further advice on garden bonfires is available on our air quality page.


We receive complaints from the public regarding dust emissions, in particular from construction sites. Given the social distancing requirements, many construction companies have halted developments at short notice, therefore in high winds, dust may leave the site and fall on private property.

Construction works

Construction, demolition and DIY activities often generate noise. While most construction work has been stopped some critical infrastructure, projects are continuing and inevitably people living nearby to these projects will have to accept some level of disturbance. Further advice on construction works.

DIY and neighbour noise

With people spending more time in their homes and gardens we are likely to hear our neighbours' activities more often whether that be music, TV, children playing, musical instruments or loud voices. We all have different ways of coping with the current situation, which may include making some noise, and so we would ask that everyone is considerate to their neighbours whether you are making noise or hearing someone else making noise.

Environmental Health team will continue to investigate persistent and excessive neighbour noise during this time.