Am I homeless?

Legislation says that you are homeless if:

  • you have no accommodation you are legally entitled to occupy
  • it is agreed that it is not reasonable for you to live in your accommodation
  • you have accommodation, but you cannot gain entry to it - for example your landlord has changed the locks
  • you face violence / harassment, or are at risk of violence / harassment - for example from a partner, ex partner or neighbours
  • it is not reasonable for you to stay there because of overcrowding which is affecting your health
  • it is not reasonable to stay there because of a poor standard
  • you don't have permission to stay there
  • family or friends you have been staying with have asked you to leave
  • you live in a place like a houseboat or caravan, and there is nowhere for you to place it and live in it
  • you may be threatened with homelessness, if you are going to lose your accommodation within two months

For more information about the help and support that is available to you if you are at risk of becoming homeless please read our Homeless Advice and Information leaflet:

 View options and homelessness out of hours service privacy notice (pdf 432KB).

Independent advice

If you are facing a homeless situation, you may also wish to seek independent legal advice:

Shelter Scotland can give you confidential advice, information and advocacy if you have housing problems. Or call their helpline 0808 800 4444 (lines open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

Citizen's Advice Bureau can give you advice on handling problems with your landlord and help to avoid losing your home.

If you think you'll become homeless in the near future contact us straight away for advice. Please don't wait until you don't have anywhere to stay - we may be able to prevent you becoming homeless.

Call us on 03456 08 12 03.

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