Apply for council housing

We have approximately 13,000 council properties. The properties that become vacant are allocated to people on our waiting list. The waiting list is based on a person's housing need.

Our waiting list has over 6,600 people on it - including direct applicants, transfers and homeless applicants.

Admission to the waiting list

If you are aged 16 years or over you can apply for housing.

The online system called Housing Online allows you to apply to Aberdeenshire Council for housing. If you do not have access to the internet, you can make an application over the phone. Please call 01467 530577 to apply.

Housing need assessment form

If you, or a member of your household, have any medical conditions which result in a functional impairment that could be improved by moving to other accommodation please log into your Housing Online account and check that you have completed the Housing Need Assessment questions. If you have difficulty in completing your application, we are here to help you. Please call 01467 530577 to make an appointment for someone to help you.

How the properties are allocated

We allocate properties based on the housing need of the applicant. View our allocation policy.

When tenants are selected for houses, priority is given to people who:

  • are homeless or are threatened with homelessness and who have unmet housing needs
  • are living under unsatisfactory housing conditions and who have unmet housing needs
  • are tenants of houses which are held by a social landlord, which the social landlord selecting its tenants considers to be under occupied

In some areas, properties do not become vacant very often - for example in Westhill and Stonehaven. Family sized accommodation is in particularly short supply.

Areas of choice

You can select as many areas on your application as you wish. The settlements have been divided into groups which are within close proximity to larger locations and are linked to secondary school catchment locations for transport connections. Please see which settlements are covered in each of the groups (PDF 105KB).

Housing advice for migrant workers

If you are from an ethnic minority community, or have recently moved here from another country, and are looking for information and advice about housing in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire please contact your local housing office. Ask the housing options staff about the translation services that are available to help you get the advice you need.