Getting help to buy your home

There are a number of schemes set up to help you buy a new home if you can't afford one:

Low cost initiative for first time buyers (LIFT)

If you would like to buy your own home but can't afford to pay the full market price for a property, the low cost initiative for first time buyers (LIFT) could help. The scheme is designed to help people on low incomes. When you apply for the scheme your financial circumstances will be assessed.

New Supply Shared Equity Scheme

Under NSSE the Scottish Government will keep a financial stake in the property so the applicant does not have to fund the whole cost of the property.  Applicants will normally own between 60-80% of the property and the Scottish Government will contribute the remaining share.  No rent will be payable on the share of the property the applicant does not own.  The Scottish Government will retain the 20% share or ‘golden share’ and in some areas the home owner will never own more than 80% of their property due to it being in an area of low levels of affordable housing.  

View New Supply Shared Equity resale properties on Grampian Housing website.

Open market shared equity scheme

Open Market Shared Equity is open to all first-time buyers.  The scheme is designed to help people on low to moderate incomes to buy a home on the open market where it is sustainable for them and where they could not afford to pay the full market price. 

For further details please contact Link Homes Ltd:

Telephone: 0330 303 0125

Shared ownership

Shared ownership is a scheme where applicants part-buy and part-rent a property from a registered social landlord. These properties are normally built by the registered social landlord specifically to help people get onto the home ownership ladder. You can find out more about shared ownership on

For more information on registered social landlords currently running shared ownership schemes in the Aberdeenshire please contact: