PRS Advertising

Landlords: advertising your property with us

Find out how to use our PRS Advertising Aberdeenshire scheme to advertise your property within the private rented sector.


To advertise your property you need to comply with the following criteria:

  • The property must meet the Tolerable Standard
  • The property must meet the Repairing Standard
  • Any electrical installations and equipment must be safe for a tenancy - this will be demonstrated by provision of current certificates and documentation that confirms the compliable checks have been completed
  • You must be a registered as a landlord

Landlord registration is a system that helps councils monitor private landlords and ensure that they are suitable people to let out property. Before any person or agency is registered, the council will have to check that the applicant is a fit and proper person to let property. The registration scheme is set by the Scottish Government and managed by each local authority.

If your property doesn't meet the required standard, you will not be eligible for the PRS Advertising scheme but we can refer you to empty homes for dedicated advice and information.

Rent and deposit

Prospective tenants may qualify for financial assistance with rent payments. The maximum that eligible tenants can receive is the Local Housing Allowance. If you intend to charge rent above these rates, please make sure this is affordable to your prospective tenant prior to agreeing a tenancy.

We offer landlords and potential tenants access to our Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme (RDGS) as means of deposit.

Advertise your property

Please complete the form with your property details if you would like to advertise with us. Once your submission is processed we will get in touch for more information and to discuss further. 

Request to advertise your property

View the PRS Advertising Aberdeenshire privacy notice (PDF 134KB) to find to what we do with your information.