Gypsy Travellers - future sites provision

We continually assess areas of land as potential sites so we can address the need for more Gypsy Travellers sites in Aberdeenshire.

Increasing the number of well-managed, authorised, Gypsy Travellers sites will help meet the accommodation needs of Gypsy Travellers. It will help to reduce the number of unauthorised encampments and the issues associated with them. It will also help to increase access to health care and education for the travelling community.

Local authorities have a legal duty to consider the needs of ethnic minorities in their local housing strategies and to meet the accommodation needs of Gypsy Travellers. A person is legally defined as homeless if their accommodation is a moveable structure, vehicle or vessel designed or adapted for human habitation and there is nowhere they are entitled or permitted to place it and live in it. Gypsy Travellers who don't have access to authorised sites for their caravans are effectively homeless. Unauthorised encampments are set up when Gypsy Travellers do not have access to authorised sites.

Management of new sites

The management of new sites depends on the level of provision or amenities on the site. Provision could vary from a stopover site to a fully serviced site. If the new site is managed by us or a third party, the level of management is worked out by the services provided.

Gypsy Travellers site provision strategy

We have developed the Aberdeenshire Gypsy Travellers site provision strategy. This is a comprehensive, high level strategy for the provision of a number of sites across Aberdeenshire. It sets out the context and indicates that one site should be brought forward for consideration in North, Central and South areas of Aberdeenshire. Find out more in our Aberdeenshire Gypsy Travellers site provision strategy (PDF 140KB).