Gypsy/Travellers sites and encampments

Sites are authorised places of residence which may be owned and managed by the council or privately.

Encampments are usually unauthorised and may be subject to enforcement action. There are around 30 to 50 unauthorised encampments per year in Aberdeenshire.

Unauthorised encampments

Responsibility for dealing with unauthorised encampments depends on who owns the land.

If we own the land, we are responsible for dealing with the encampment. Our unauthorised encampments policy explains what we’ll do. Those living on the land are issued with the Gypsy/Travellers code of conduct which explains how they are expected to behave.


If the land is privately owned, the landowner is responsible for dealing with the encampment. Our Gypsy/Traveller Liaison Officer (GTLO) Jennifer Macrae, tel: 01224 665088 or 07795 238423 can advise the landowner on how to deal with this.

If the land isn’t owned by us but is controlled or maintained by us like a park, the landowner is responsible for taking eviction action.


Police Scotland can’t move an encampment on just because of its existence. If a suitable alternative stopping place is identified by us, such as a pitch on an authorised Gypsy/Traveller site, Police Scotland can enforce the Trespass Act on an unauthorised encampment, but can’t take action.

If there’s illegal or criminal activity taking place on an unauthorised encampment, or the encampment is causing severe road safety concerns, public health hazard or public disruption Police Scotland can take action.

If you have a query about an unauthorised encampment please contact the Gypsy/Traveller Liaison Officer (GTLO) Jennifer Macrae, tel: 01224 665088 / 07795 238423.


Permanent sites in Aberdeenshire

Greenbanks, Banff

There’s one permanent site in Aberdeenshire at Greenbanks, Banff.

There are 20 pitches on the site and each pitch has its own chalet. The chalet contains a kitchen area with units and plumbing for a washing machine, a toilet and a separate shower room. There's a Warden's Office onsite.

The site operates on a seasonal basis from April to September. Greenbanks is full every year and has a waiting list. The site is owned by us.

For tenancy applications, please contact:

Housing Officer Tenancy Management
Infrastructure Services
Town House
Low Street
AB45 1AY

Telephone: 01261 813258

Clinterty Travelling Persons' site, Aberdeen

There are four transit pitches at Clinterty Travelling Persons’ siteClinterty has been running at full capacity for five years. The site is owned by Aberdeen City council and is jointly managed with us.

 Gypsy/Travellers at these sites feel they’re well integrated into the local community and are respected by members of the settled community in Banff and Clinterty and the surrounding Kinellar area.

Future sites

We continually assess areas of land as potential sites so we can address the need for more Gypsy/Travellers sites in Aberdeenshire.

Stopover sites

A Gypsy/Travellers stopover site is an authorised area of land with basic facilities which can be accessed by Gypsy/Travellers on a temporary basis. These sites would only be used for a proportion of the year. Individual families would normally only stay on the site for a few days or weeks.

There's no Scottish Government guidance for the development and management of these sites so we've developed our own. The guidance covers site provision for Gypsy/Travellers travelling through Aberdeenshire who need authorised temporary stopping places.

To date, no stopover sites have been developed in Aberdeenshire.


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