Private landlords advice

Managing a tenancy

Information about the minimum standard of repair for private rented properties, disputes with the tenants and dealing with antisocial behaviour.

Repairing standard

As a landlord, you have a legal duty to make sure the property you rent out meets a minimum standard of repair for private rented properties, known as the Repairing Standard.

View the damp, condensation and mould (DCM) guide (PDF 395KB), to find what to do if you have DCM in your property. We promise to take quick and effective action to deal with damp, condensation, and mould (DCM) issues in private sector tenants’ homes.

Instead of blaming DCM on lifestyle, we work with private landlords, private tenants, and others to build trust, provide education, and encourage understanding of the issues.

We will help private renters to get the right advice and support. If there are DCM problems with the place they are renting, we will ask landlords to investigate and fix any issues.

We will make a third-party referral to The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) if a landlord fails to resolve any issues within a reasonable timeframe.

Disputes with tenants

Information to help you deal with, and avoid, disputes with your tenants is available in's guide to resolving a rented housing dispute.

Antisocial behaviour

Information about what you can do to stop antisocial behaviour by your tenants and their visitors is available in's guide to dealing with antisocial behaviour as a landlord.

Electric heating teleswitch shut down

If your property uses electricity for heating and hot water, your tenants may be using Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) equipment to automatically controls when heaters switch on and off. 

Energy UK has announced the Radio Teleswitching Service will shut down on 30th June 2025.

The only alternative will be to have a smart meter installed. As a private landlord you may wish to advise any of your tenants that will be affected by these changes, so that they can arrange the immediate installation of a smart meter by their energy supplier.  

Find out more about the closure of radio teleswitching: