Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing

The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH and EESSH2) set the minimum energy efficiency level that we must make sure all our houses and flats meet in stages up to 2032. It is set by the Scottish Government.

There are different energy efficiency measures we can install in our homes. It is important to choose the right ones for each property.

Deciding the right measure for each house or flat is based on the principle of the ‘Energy Efficiency Hierarchy’. This means:

  • cavity, internal or external wall insulation to reduce the need for energy
  • new energy efficient heating systems to use energy more efficiency
  • fitting renewable technologies to generate renewable energy to be used in your home, for example Photovoltaic Solar Panels

So the EESSH and EESSH2 should help make your home warmer and make heating your home more affordable.

More information is available on the Scottish Government Website.