Fuel poverty

I am worried about the increasing cost of fuel and if I will be able to afford to heat my home.


We are installing various energy efficiency measures to our properties to help cut energy loss within homes and therefore save you money.


We are committed to getting rid of fuel poverty by 2016. Fuel poverty in Scotland is defined as where:

A household has to spend more than 10% of their income (including housing benefit or income support for mortgage interest) to on household fuel use to maintain  a satisfactory heating regime.


Household income is income before housing costs.

A satisfactory heating regime are the levels recommended by the World Health Organisation:

  • For elderly and infirm households, this is 23° C in the living room and 18° C in other rooms, for 16 hours in every 24.
  • For other households, this is 21° C in the living room and 18° C in other rooms for 9 hours in every 24 (or 16 in 24 over the weekend); with two hours being in the morning and seven hours in the evening.


We are working with various partners and applying for additional funding to allow further improvement works to be done. Details of the proposals are in our energy efficiency commitment.

SCARF (Save Cash and Reduce Fuel) can give you free and impartial advice on home heating if you are having problems with keeping your home warm, or your fuel bills are very high. You can contact SCARF on their free phone energy advice line 0800 51 20 12.


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