Other charges

There may be other charges applied to your tenancy such as service charges which are payable along with your rent.

Housing support is a chargeable service. If you use this service you will receive an invoice which is paid separately from your rent. 

Service charges

Service charges payable with your rent can be related to:

  • The property and are included as a condition of your tenancy
  • The tenant and are made in response to a request for a service

Service charges are applied when a specific service is provided to a group of tenants. The charge covers the cost of providing the service.

Some property service charges may be eligible for housing benefit. Contact your local Housing office to find out if a service charge is eligible.

Property service charges

Charges relating to the property include:

  • Heating and electricity in sheltered housing
  • Sheltered housing management costs
  • Provision of cookers in sheltered housing
  • Provision of furnishings
  • Communal cleaning

Tenant service charges

Tenant service charges are not included in your tenancy agreement. These are charges for services you have requested. We will let you know how much you need to pay. Tenant service charges are not eligible for housing benefit.

Tenant service charges only includes the tenant contents insurance scheme.

For more details of how much, and how the above charges are calculated, please contact your local Housing office.