Former tenant arrears

When you terminate your tenancy, you should make sure that you pay the balance of rent to the termination date to avoid falling into arrears at the end of your tenancy.

Housing benefit may only be paid to the date you stop occupying the house, which could be before the end of the termination notice period.

If you had a previous tenancy with us and still owe arrears from that tenancy, you can discuss repayment of the arrears with a member of staff from your local Housing office. You can agree repayment at a level you can afford.

If you do not make any agreement and fail to clear the arrears, we will:

  • pass the debt to a debt recovery agency for recovery
  • take the former tenant arrears into account when considering allocation or transfer to another Council or registered social landlord tenancy

It may also affect your credit rating.

For more information please read our former tenant arrears leaflet (PDF 479KB).