Improvements to your property

Improvements done by you

There's no change to your rent charge if you make your own improvements to your home. But remember to get written permission before you do any improvements or alterations.

Improvements could include:

  • fitting a new kitchen
  • putting in your own vehicular access
  • adding an over bath shower

If you've got permission, we'll take on responsibility for upkeep once the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

You may still be charged for a characteristic if you replace, rather than improve it. For example if you take out:

  • a fully fitted kitchen and replace it with your own - there'll still be a rent charge for a fully fitted kitchen
  • our bath and replace it with one of your own - there'll still be a rent charge for a bath

Improvements we make

Your rent may increase if the improvement changes one of the criteria used to calculate your rent charge such as, installing a new kitchen or double-glazing. We'll tell you before the work starts if it'll affect your rent. If your rent changes, it'll change when the work is finished.

Some works won't affect your rent. For example:

  • if a new fully fitted kitchen replaces your old fully fitted kitchen your rent won't change
  • if your new fully fitted kitchen replaces an old partially fitted kitchen, your rent will change