Your rent card

How long does my rent card last?

It lasts as long as you have your tenancy. It is not replaced each year.

If your tenancy ends and you still owe money on the account, you can continue to use it when you pay off these arrears.

How do I get a new or additional card?

If you need another rent card, contact your local Housing office. There is no charge for a new or additional card.

Are there different rent cards?

Yes. Every tenant has a card for their rent account. You may have a separate card for arrears from a former tenancy. There are also separate cards for lock-up rents.

How will I know the balance on my rent account?

You will receive a statement twice a year, showing the rent due each week and the payments you have made towards it. If you require an update on your account at any time, please contact your local Housing office.

You can request additional statements. You will need to have identification and proof of tenancy.