Work charged to you

It is sometimes necessary for us to charge our tenants for work carried out.

Examples of the work we may charge you for include:

  • neglect such as leaving your home over the winter without heating or draining the water system
  • wilful damage to the property including sheds and outbuildings (rather than general wear and tear) such as holes in internal doors and walls
  • re-instatement of unauthorised alterations
  • replacement locks resulting from lost or stolen keys
  • cost of abortive visits in response to a request to carry out emergency repairs
  • forced entry to your home to carry out gas, electric or any other statutory safety checks where repeated requests for access have been refused or ignored
  • oil central heating maintenance where the oil tank has been allowed to run dry
  • gas central heating maintenance where the gas supply has been cut off as a result of a pre-payment meter running out of credit
  • work required to tidy overgrown gardens or remove rubbish, items hoarded or abandoned cars from the property
  • cleaning common entrances, stairs or bins where the occupants fail to keep these areas in a clean and tidy condition
  • recovering the cost of legal action taken by us in pursuing a breach of tenancy condition

 The amount charged is based on a national schedule of rates which reflects the cost of carrying out the work in the market place.

Schedule of Rates

The Schedule of Rates (SoR) is the method the majority of repairs work is charged to our housing service by private and in-house contractors. All contracts are priced in competition. The rates are compared to make sure value for money is achieved.