Change of circumstances

You need to let us know if your circumstances change. For example, a member of your household may come to live with you or may leave your property.

If there is a change to the number of people living in your house your housing benefit entitlement may be affected. People who come to live in your household over the age of 16 are likely to have certain rights as a qualifying occupier.

A qualifying occupier is a person who occupies the house as that person's only or principal home and who is a:

  • member of the tenant's family aged at least 16 years
  • person to whom the tenant has, with the landlord's consent, assigned, sub-let or otherwise given up possession of the house or any part of it
  • person whom the tenant has, with the landlord's consent, taken in as a lodger

Qualifying occupiers have the right to be advised about matters affecting the tenancy, for example, action to repossess the property.

Please contact Housing to let us know of any changes.