Garden Maintenance Scheme

The garden maintenance scheme page is under review and will be updated in due course. In the meantime if you have any questions contact your local housing office.

The garden maintenance scheme is open to council tenants who:

  • are in receipt of disability benefits
  • are in receipt Blind Person’s Allowance or are visually impaired
  • have other incapacity as determined by local team leader

In addition to the above conditions:

  • there must be no one over 16 who is able-bodied within the tenant’s household
  • tenants who meet the criteria but are not in receipt of the above benefits will be charged for the Garden Maintenance Scheme plus the cost of any preparatory work

The Garden Maintenance Scheme provides:

  • grass cuts between April and October, weather permitting
  • grass edges cut at alternative cuts between April and October, weather permitting
  • hedges cut twice a year, cuttings removed, hedges no more than 5 feet high or 1.5 meters
  • paths – weed control carried out in May or June and July or August

An annual charge, approved by committee, will be invoiced to tenants not in receipt of disability benefits.