Council house gardens

You are free to plant and cultivate the garden. If you have exclusive use of a garden you need to maintain it in a reasonable condition.

You need to write to your local Housing office if you want to install:

  • a patio
  • decking
  • paving or crazy paving

If you want to remove, destroy, or chop down any bushes, hedges or trees you must get our written permission first.

We may remove trees and bushes if they are diseased or present a health and safety problem or if they severely affect your neighbours or their property.

We inspect gardens regularly. If your garden is neglected we will write to you, or a Housing Officer may visit, asking you to tidy the garden. We may arrange for the garden to be tidied if it does not improve and the cost of the work will be charged to you.

If you are concerned about the condition of a council tenanted properties garden, please email