Interested tenant and armchair member

An interested tenant is someone who has expressed a wish to be kept informed about particular issues while armchair membership of any of our tenant/officer working groups enables you to have the opportunity to be consulted, informed and give your views on our housing service without the need to travel.

Information from the tenant working groups is sent to you at home. You are given the opportunity to include items on the agenda and input to the issues discussed.

Contact details are maintained centrally and updated on a regular basis, to allow tenants to be kept in touch with issues as they arise.

As an interested tenant, you can request to receive the regular Tenant Participation Promotion Team (TPPT) minutes and any briefing notes, as well as the minutes of the various tenant working groups. 

If you are an Aberdeenshire Council tenant you can have your details added to the list at any time. 

Contact any member of the Tenant Participation Promotion Team (TPPT) or the tenant participation development officer for further information. 

Updates on the progress of the tenant working groups are included in the tenants’ newsletter, TPPT briefing notes and at tenant events.

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