Registration of tenant organisations

Non-registered tenant organisations

We support the delivery of tenant participation in Aberdeenshire by registered tenant organisations, whose membership includes our tenants, and non-registered tenant organisations. We also work with other community groups that are working on housing-related issues.

Tenant groups may choose:

  • registered tenant organisation status, or
  • not to apply for registered tenant organisation status

We encourage existing and new tenant groups to apply for registered status. However, we will support and work with tenant groups, which are not registered, if we have a partnership agreement with them.

Criteria for registration of tenant organisations

We keep a register of Aberdeenshire tenant organisations which apply to be, and are accepted as, registered tenant organisations.

To be accepted, your organisation must:

Have a publicly available written constitution that sets out:

  • objectives and area of operation
  • how people can become members
  • the way the committee will be run
  • how people can become committee members or office bearers
  • how the business of the organisation will be conducted
  • how decisions will be reached democratically
  • how funds will be managed
  • arrangements for public meetings
  • arrangements for an annual general meeting
  • how changes can be made to the constitution
  • commitment to promoting equal opportunities
  • commitment to promoting housing and housing related interests of our tenants
  • a method of finding out our tenants views on council related housing issues, if the group includes members other than our tenants

Have a committee that:

  • is elected at the first general meeting and later at annual general meetings
  • requires members to stand down after a period of time given in the constitution
  • has at least three members
  • can invite others on to the committee during the year
  • has elected office bearers
  • can show that decisions are reached democratically
  • promotes equal opportunities

Operate within a defined:

  • geographic area that includes housing stock owned and managed by us
  • membership which is open to all our tenants within its geographic area

Have appropriate:

  • accounting records, showing income and expenditure and a statement of assets and liabilities
  • audited annual financial statement which is presented to its annual general meeting
    • financial framework for tenant participation agreed annually with us

Demonstrate that:

  • it is committed to representing the interests of its members
  • it can represent the views of its members when consulted by us

Applying for registered tenant organisation status

We encourage tenant organisations in Aberdeenshire to apply for registered tenant organisation status.

Your application should be made in writing, and include:

  • an up-to-date copy of your group's written constitution
  • the names and contact details of your committee members
  • the name and address of the person dealing with your application
  • details of the geographic area your group works in
  • the names and addresses of other landlords that you are registered with or are seeking to register with.

Send your application to our Tenant Participation Development Officer.

Other aspects of the registration of tenant organisations

All other aspects of registration of tenant organisations within Aberdeenshire are governed by the Scottish Government's Registration of Tenant Organisation Order 2002/416.

This includes arrangements for:

  • the registration of federated tenant bodies
  • refusal of registered status by us
  • removal of registered status by us
  • appeal against our decision to refuse or remove registered status

More information

For more information on the registration of tenant organisations or to view the current register, please contact our Tenant Participation Development Officer:

Gordon House
Blackhall Road
AB51 9WA

Tel: 01467 530713