Tenant events

We organise several tenant events each year, usually at various locations across Aberdeenshire. Some are simply drop-in information sessions, others more structured conference type events. Some are run as a joint venture with tenants and staff of other social housing providers who make up the partnership working arrangement North East Tenants, Residents and Landlords Together (NETRALT).

For more information please contact the Tenant Participation Officer on 01467 537456 or 01467 537413 or email tenant.participation@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

Housing service delivery and coronavirus (COVID-19)

Join Aberdeenshire Council's Head Of Housing, Rob Simpson alongside Housing Managers Andrew Mackie (Tenancy Services), Dave Thomson (Asset Management), Ally Macleod (Strategy), and Allan Jones (Options and Homelessness) to discuss Aberdeenshire Council's Housing Service's response to COVID-19 and hear more about how the service will operate in coming months. There will be opportunities for question and answer sessions. Please note this event is limited to current Aberdeenshire Council Tenants.

Register your interest between 20 July and 17 August 2020.