Employment support

The Employment Support Team (EST) is the council's central point for employment support. The team coordinates the Aberdeenshire Employability Partnership, which is geared to help people into work and training.

The EST assists anyone living in Aberdeenshire who is actively seeking employment, or looking to enter education or training to gain full-time or additional employment. We can offer practical assistance if you are returning to the work market following redundancy or after an absence such as raising children or health issues or perhaps you are looking to retrain for a better job.

We offer one to one support from a trained Key Worker, who will assess where you are in the job market, where would you like to be and help plan how we can help you get there.

Everyone has skills, just not everybody realises this. The EST will help you find your potential by developing your personal plan with milestones to show your progress towards your employment goal.

Our Key Workers are skilled in pre-employment techniques to set you on the road to work readiness through building self-esteem and confidence. They will give practical help supporting you to create a professional CV and help you with interview techniques, communication skills and personal presentation. If you have no or poor digital skills we can offer practical guidance to improve this. 

Other types of assistance we offer:

  • Delivering employability sessions and workshops
  • Providing information on learning/training and employment opportunities from partner agencies
  • Support finding affordable and flexible childcare and access to short-term financial help with childcare costs
  • Support in finding short-term financial assistance with items such as work clothing, travel and even groceries when you first start work
  • Advice about money and benefits

The team also coordinates the Aberdeenshire Employability Partnership, Employment CONNECT, which is geared towards supporting people through each stage of the Scottish Government Employability Pipeline. Employment CONNECT has over 20 member organisations working in tandem to deliver employability support to residents across Aberdeenshire.


Employment Support Team

Phone: 01467 533058
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Employment CONNECT

Phone: 01467 468585