Aberdeenshire Historic Kirkyards

St Ciaran's KirkyardThe historic kirkyards of Aberdeenshire abound with many significant and delightful architectural features, the nucleus of which has always, or in most cases, been the kirk. However the world of architectural history has long been concerned with either the study of country house or ecclesiastical architecture, though within the last quarter of the 20th century the former has dominated the field significantly.

The latter has perhaps suffered from a sense of becoming more distant and irrelevant to the lives of successive generations of their parishes. And yet the historic kirkyard is so rich in the development of aesthetic style; of local craftsmanship; of local and favoured materials; of genealogy; and of economic prosperity.

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St Drostans Bellcot Introduction to Aberdeenshire's Historic Kirkyards

Aberdeenshire has over 150 historic kirkyards which provide a fascinating collection of memorials and tombs.

Findlater and Boyne Tomb, FordyceConservation and Repair

A comprehensive programme of maintenance and repair has been adopted to preserve the kirkyards for future generations.