Inverurie Kirkyard

Four early Pictish stones.

The tall pillar bears incised symbols of a crescent and V-rod, disc and rectangle serpent and Z-rod and double disc and Z-rod.

On a small truncated slab are the disc and rectangle and the arch (bow/collar) symbols. The disc and rectangle symbol has been interpreted as a mirror case or as a devolved version of a man holding a sun disc over his head.

The third stone bears an incised double disc and Z-rod and the fourth the only occurrence of a single incised horse on a Pictish slab.

It is not as vividly or skilfully sculptured as the other Pictish animals (for example Burghead bulls (44) or Rhynie beast head (56).


  • Grid ref: NJ 780 206 Ordnance Survey Landranger Series sheet no. 38

In S end of Inverurie. Turn off the A96 at south end of Inverurie by-pass, cross the Don and turn right onto B993. Go under railway and stop at cemetery; stones in W end of cemetery, between the gate and the Motte (Bass).