Maiden Stone

Maiden Stone monumentThe Maiden Stone is one of the few 'Class II' Pictish monuments in the north east of Scotland. This is an upright slab of red granite, 3.01 m high, with relief carvings of a cross on one side and symbols on the other.

The cross is surmounted by a man between 2 fish monsters, while there is a large disc below the cross.

On the reverse the slab bears, in separate panels:

  • a centaur-like figure
  • a notched-rectangle and Z-rod (chariot)
  • a beast
  • a mirror and double-sided comb

These large, high-relief symbols represent the final stage in the development of Pictish symbols from their incised beginnings.

The name 'Maiden Stone' is said to come from the legend of a daughter of a Laird of Balquhain who was turned to stone on her wedding day after losing a bet with the devil.


  • Grid ref: NJ 703 247 Ordnance Survey Landranger Series sheet no. 38

5 miles NW of Inverurie on a minor road running South of the A96 from the Oyne fork in the West to Drimmies in the East. The stone stands on the bend. Parking is available in the lay-by c.20m West of the stone.

Cared for by Historic Scotland. Please note: the stone is covered by a protective shelter over the winter, during which times it cannot be viewed.