Round Cairns and Other Burial Mounds

During the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age, a large number of, usually circular, burial mounds were erected in prominent locations to intern important members of the community. The rites of inhumation (in short, stone-lined cist graves), and cremation (in large pottery urns), were practised.

Bronze Age Cairn

View Short Cist Burial with Beaker which was discovered during house building in Aberdeenshire.


Map of Aberdeenshire showing the locations of Cairns  1 - Bucharn 2 - Cairn O'Mount 3 - Logie Newton 4 - Memsie 5 - White Cow Wood

1. Bucharn

Unclassified road leading N off B976 to access track for Bucharn Farm. Site lies about 100m SE of farm.

2. Cairn O'Mount

Adjacent to B974. Parking possible at viewpoint, s short distance to the S.

3. Logie Newton

8 miles (13km) E of Huntly. On side of road between B9001 and Wells of Ythan. Walk up hill for about - mile (800m), along field boundaries from Logie Newton Farm.

4. Memsie

3.5 miles (5.6km) S of Fraserburgh on the E side of Memsie Village, off the B9032 E from the A981.

5. White Cow Wood

In forestry plantation. Car park at the entrance to the forest, adjacent to the minor road off the A950.