The Media Unit

Art Media TeamOriginally established as an educational video production facility, the Media Unit has been in existence since 1986. It has developed during this period to a well regarded team which has extensive expertise in all aspects of educational and corporate media production and training.

Now part of the Arts Team, the Unit produces video resources for services within Aberdeenshire Council and external customers. We also undertake training in video for staff, pupils and community groups.

We are a small team comprising Robin Palmer - Media Unit Manager, Paul Barron - Senior Media Producer and Gary Swan - Media Producer.

What do we do?

The following examples will give you a flavour of the type of work we do.

From the Mountains to the Sea - Two
A series of 7 short films made by primary school children from across Aberdeenshire. The young people developed, scripted, shot and edited their own films, supported by the Media Unit and professionals from the film and television industries.

Single Status and You
The Media Unit produced, within a very short time scale, the DVD which was seen by all Aberdeenshire employees as part of the Single Status consultation process.

We have worked closely with the Kaizen Team over the past two years producing the DVD 'Kaizen - Making a Difference' and short videos which were part of their submissions to prestigious National and European awards.

Assessment is for Learning
This DVD for the Education Service, highlights the pioneering work done in Aberdeenshire schools in the field of Assessment. This DVD was distributed nationally by the project partner, Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Safe Drive
Aberdeenshire Media Unit has been closely involved with the 'Safe Drive' road safety campaign. Working with the local emergency services, we filmed a dramatized reconstruction of the battle to save the life of a young car passenger after a road accident.

A Day in the Life of Local Democracy
As part of the Commonwealth Local Government Conference, the varied aspects of the work of six local councillors was highlighted in this set of films. This was a joint project between Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils.

Managing Risk
A video resource examining the cost, both financial and emotional, of recent fires at Aberdeenshire Schools combined with an observational exercise on spotting potential risks in an educational establishment environment.

A series of videos about the emotional wellbeing of children produced for Aberdeen University and NHS Grampian.

Coping with Committees
A video, produced for Finance, designed to help officers deal with Council Committees using two contrasting scenarios to show the right, and wrong, approaches one should adopt.

Out There

A series of videos, produced for Aberdeenshire Arts Team and designed for use in secondary schools, examining the creative process of six local artists and how the local environment informs their work.


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