Capacity grants - creative economy (place) fund

This funding is open to all Aberdeenshire organisations, constituted groups, partnerships, charities and creatives (including sole traders). 

This fund focuses on the delivery of key priorities for our Place Partnership with Creative Scotland linked to the distinct cultural heritage of different localities (traditional music, literature, Doric language, story-telling). It is intended to provide opportunities for the creative and local communities to develop artistic activity which will reinvigorate, unearth and promote the distinctive stories of the area.

The purpose of the funding is to:

  • engage and involve artists and communities across Aberdeenshire to celebrate the region’s cultural distinctiveness
  • promote the unique cultural identities of communities across Aberdeenshire
  • support participation and development in local cultural activity which helps to put their location on the map, and collectively raise the cultural profile of Aberdeenshire as a whole

The fund aims to support:

  • events, activities and exhibitions open to the public
  • research and academic work that directly feeds into a creative output, such as using the material to inform the writing of a new play, or publishing an illustrated song-book
  • building capacity, sharing of creative skills, training and development
  • creation of new networks between like-minded organisations and individuals to enable development of work, to maximise impact and reach, or towards becoming more sustainable
  • development of, and participation in, the distinct and unique local culture of communities in Aberdeenshire
  • initiatives with regional impact

How much is available

A total fund of £70,000 is available in 2018/19. The maximum awards available is £5,000. Match funding is not required.

When is the funding available

There will be two rounds of funding. As the full amount of allocation for this strand of funding has not been used up in the two rounds which we first stated, we are introducing a third round which will close on the 31st October with the remaining funding of £31,131 being available for eligible application

Closing Date Round Amount allocated Percentage allocated
31st May 2018 Round 1 £7,000 10%
31st August 2018 Round 2 £31,869 46%
31st October 2018 Round 3 £31,131 44%

Any applications received after the closing dates will go forward into the next round of funding, if they are still valid in terms of the date an event is due to take place.

Applications received after 31st October 2018 will not be considered.

If the full allocation of funding is not spent in round 1, the funds will be carried over to the next round, this may mean that round 2 may have a greater allocations than that shown above, however the overall amount of funding £70,000 will remain the same for the financial year period 2018/19. 


General conditions

Regardless of the fund you are applying for, you must comply with the general conditions.

If your application is successful, you will need to show how developments will or could be sustained in the future. Evidence of this may include how you intend to fund an activity, how you plan to use information gathered to advocate for resources or how piloting activity or collaborative models or networks could support new ways of working within existing resources.

Specific conditions

In addition to the general conditions, when applying for the creative economy fund, you will need to:

  • have written confirmation that funding has been awarded, before the activity takes place
  • be responsible for any ongoing maintenance on project related equipment
  • advise what you will do with this equipment if the project or organisation ceases to exist
  • have permission to store and use the project related equipment on premises you do not own

Grant agreement

If your application is successful, you will be required to sign a grant agreement.

The detailed terms and conditions which apply to the grant you are being offered are set out in both the grant agreement and within the general and specific conditions shown on this webpage. Please note that grant agreement represents a legally binding agreement between the grant recipient and Aberdeenshire Council and you may wish to seek independent legal advice on its terms prior to signing.

Funding will be paid to you on receipt of the signed grant agreement (pdf 192KB), this should be submitted in order to process payment.

Before you apply

It takes between four to six weeks to process your application and funding can only be used for activities that have not started yet, so please send your application in plenty of time. 

How to apply

If your application is successful, you will be required to sign a grant agreement.

To apply in paper download and complete the creative economy (place) fund application form (pdf 115KB) and our capacity grants privacy notice (pdf 225KB). 

Please ensure that all questions are fully answered as this will delay your application.

Please send your completed application form and documents to the business development team

Additional documents 

You must also provide the following documents with your application:

  • a copy of your constitution or memorandum and articles, if you hold these
  • your latest independently audited accounts
  • a copy of your latest bank statement
  • copies of documentation to evidence the costs relating to your project as outlined in part 4 funding breakdown of the application form

Application process

The application process is detailed on the capacity grants general guidance page.  

Contact details

If you require further information, guidance or assistance with this, please contact the business development team

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