Capacity grants - excel fund

This funding is open to all Aberdeenshire individuals, constituted organisations and groups, partnerships and charities who are not for profit wishing to participate in sporting or cultural events at national or international level.

The aims of this fund is to support individuals or groups to develop skills, or to take part at national or international sporting or cultural events such as dance competitions, sports events and training.

How much is available

A total fund of £12,000 is available in year two, 2018/19, the awards we can make are:

  • Awards to individuals to a maximum amount of £500
  • Awards to groups up to a maximum of £1,000

Awards for either individuals or groups, can provide for up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost.

You can apply for a maximum of two grants per financial year. If you apply for more than one award within a year, you need to fully spend and report on the first grant before we can release further funds.

When is the funding available

There are four rounds of funding, each one will close on the last working day of the following months:

Closing Date


Amount Allocated

Percentage Allocation

23rd March 2018

Round 1



31st May 2018

Round 2



31st August 2018

Round 3



31st October 2018

Round 4



Any applications received after the closing dates will go forward into the next round of funding, if they are still valid in terms of the date an event is due to take place. 

Applications received after 31st October 2018 will not be considered.

If the full allocation of funding is not spent in any round, the funds will be carried over to the next round, this may mean that some allocation rounds are greater than those shown above, however the overall amount of funding £12,000 will remain the same for the financial year period 2018/19.


General conditions

Regardless of the fund you are applying for, you must comply with the general conditions.

Specific conditions

When applying for the excel fund, you must also comply with the following conditions:

  • if you are competing in sports, cultural events or training this must be at a national or international level
  • funding would only be paid towards the participant, not to any persons accompanying them. Funding will not be paid to additional persons who may need to travel with the participant 
  • where only some members of a club are competing then only those members will receive funding 
  • your application must be approved before you spend any money
  • your funding must be awarded prior to the activity taking place 

In the event of over-subscription to this funding, those projects which most closely match the criteria for the funding will be selected.

Grant agreement

If your application is successful, you will be required to sign a grant agreement.

The detailed terms and conditions which apply to the grant you are being offered are set out in both the grant agreement and within the general and specific conditions shown on this webpage. Please note that grant agreement represents a legally binding agreement between the grant recipient and Aberdeenshire Council and you may wish to seek independent legal advice on its terms prior to signing.

Funding will be paid to you on receipt of the signed grant agreement (pdf 192KB), this should be submitted in order to process payment.

Before you apply

It takes between four to six weeks to process your application and funding can only be used for activities that have not started yet, so please send your application in plenty of time. 

How to apply

If your application is successful, you will be required to sign a grant agreement.

To apply in paper download and complete the excel fund application form (pdf 123KB) our capacity grants privacy notice (pdf 225KB).

Please be aware that if you apply for a capacity grant on or after the 25th May, you are required to complete the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy notice, rather than the fair processing notice. If you are working on your application and have printed off or saved documents please ensure that you return the correct document with your application..

Please ensure that all questions are fully answered as this will delay your application. 

Please send your completed application form and documents to the business development team

Additional documents 

You must also provide the additional documents with your application.

If you are an individual or an organisation, please provide:  

  • documentation to evidence the event that you are attending
  • evidence of the costs you expect to incur such as entry fees, travel or accommodation fees
  • evidence of where the additional amount will come from if we are only part funding your costs

If you are an organisation only, please provide:

  • a copy of your constitution or memorandum and articles if you are a company
  • your latest independently audited accounts
  • a copy of your latest bank statement
  • evidence of other funding where this is required

Application process

The application process is detailed on the capacity grants general guidance page.  

Contact details

If you require further information, guidance or assistance with this, please contact the business development team.  

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